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Gianmarco Pollacchi rides FUTURES

Diamo il benvenuto nel team FUTURES fins a Gianmarco JP Pollacchi che dalle sessions di Marzo sta utilizzando le pinne Clay Marzo2 medium – AM1 medium e le HS3 small.

Gianmarco Pollacchi al molo di Viareggio, Foto Filippo Maffei


Ecco le caratteristiche delle pinne che usa JP sulle sue tavole:

CM2 – Clay Marzo

Height: 4.56 in, 11.58 cm

Base:   4.49 in, 11.40 cm

Area:  14.48 sq in, 93.42 sq cm

This is Clay Marzo’s next fin incarnation featuring an updated template and built in our Techflex construction for powerful surfing. The large base provides drive off the bottom while the small tip allows you to release the fins



Outline: Al Merrick

Height: 4.56 in, 11.60 cm

Base:  4.50 in, 11.40 cm

Area:  14.84 sq in, 95.74 sq cm

Our smaller template for medium sized light footed surfers. A solid base with small tip is perfect for a fast loose style. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks.


HS3 – Hayden Shapes

Height: 4.29 in, 10.90 cm

Base:  4.18 in, 10.62 cm

Area:  13.04 sq in, 84.13 sq cm

The HS3 is a grom/small rider fin designed by Hayden Cox, the creator of the FiberFlex technology. This fin uses our V2 foil that allows you to generate speed and improve bottom turns.




FUTURES è distribuito in Italia da Counterstream: 


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