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Alessandro Onofri Nel Team Fanatic International

Alessandro Onofri, il rider romagnolo che ha conquistato il titolo di campione italiano SUP/wave 2010 di Surfing Italia, è entrato ufficialmente nel team internazionale SUP Fanatic.



Name: Alessandro Onofri

Birthday: 20/01/1982

Country: Italy

Favourite discipline: SUP/Surfing

Best results: Italian SUP Champ 2008

Favourite spot: Capo Mannu, Sardinia

Favourite Fanatic board: SUP 9’6”

Favourite manoeuvre: Off the Lip

How I started SUP: I was looking for something different to do on the water, when the waves were too small for surfing. I started to enjoy paddling quickly!

Best SUP day in my life: Capo Manu September 2007, 2 meters offshore wind

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Oneill wetsuit, Sputnik surfwear

My Goals: Ride! Everything is possible!

My Slogan: No regrets!

Website: Work in progress!

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