Save trestles: aiuta anche tu la comunita’ californiana, potrebbe capitare anche

Da un pò di tempo Surfirider Foundation sta promuovendo una campagna per salvare Trestles, il noto spot californiano tappa del Wct Boost Mobile Pro.
Trestles è infatti minacciato dal progetto di costruzione di una autostrada che, se realizzata, comporterebbe gravi danni ambientali nella zona interessata.
Puoi aiutare Trestles tramite una donazione, raggiungibile a questo link.

By now many of you may have heard or read about the Surfrider Foundation’s campaign to save Trestles.

Located on the border of Orange and San Diego counties, the breaks at Trestles, including Uppers, Lowers, Cotton’s, Middles, and Church, are California surfing at its best. The world-class peaks are accessible by footpaths that wind along Southern California’s last unspoiled coastal creek.

The Orange County Transportation Corridor Agency is now seeking to build a multi-lane toll highway down this unique and special watershed, and directly through the heart of San Onofre State Beach Park. If constructed as planned, this toll road project will result in profound devastation to our State Park resources, surf break and the sensitive environment along the San Mateo Creek watershed, including:
Permanent closure of 60% of San Onofre State Beach Park Area
Abandonment of San Onofre State Beach Park’s 161 site San Mateo Creek Campground
Destruction of habitat critical to 11 federally designated endangered or threatened species, including the Southern Steelhead Trout
Irreparable damage to seven archaeological sites, including one Native American site
Degradation to the water quality throughout San Mateo Creek, as well as the coastal areas along Trestles and San Onofre State Beach
Possible significant impacts to the quality of the surf breaks at Trestles
This is one of the very last natural coastal areas available to the public in southern California, and needs to be protected at all costs!

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