I heart italy: surfing mag trip in sardegna – Il recente surf trip di Marlon Lipke e Marc Lacomare, seguiti dal fotografo di Surfing Magazine Jeff Flindt è diventato uno speciale su Surfing Magazine, raccontato dalle parole di Andrew Lewis.

Di Andrew Lewis, Foto Jeff Flindt.

“It’s always after the longest nights that responsibility calls. Cold, careless, blurry, sleepless nights. Over my 2 p.m. morning coffee, I am delighted to open my semi-daily swell update from SURFING’s tireless photographer Jeff Flindt. He is an animal on the charts and although I also fancy myself as a bit of a wave forecasting connoisseur, Flindt’s always about four or five hours ahead of me with every purple blob or lengthy fetch. And of course today, of all days, he’s made a call. I am no longer delighted; I am now panicking in a messy pool of hemorrhaging minutes and hours. You see, while I was swatting errant rays of sunlight creeping from my bedroom window, Jeffrey has downed a coffee or two, completed seven yoga stretches, eaten bacon and eggs, Googled, Facebooked, Tweeted, recruited European princes Marlon Lipke and Marc Lacomare, and booked a ticket to the mythical Mediterranean island of Sardinia for what looks to be three days of strikeable surf – surf that is filling in…well…right now. I unearth a credit card from last night’s receipts and crumpled Euros and key up Expedia on the double.” […]

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