John larcher campione francese di longboard

“Wednesday July 27, it is the fifth day of competition. It is already very hot on the site, the waves are relatively small but open and clean for the greatest pleasure of the longbaorders.

Jonathan Larcher one of the hot favorites, passes through the early rounds with ease with the biarrot Thierry André. Romain Maurin as for him, finish third of its sleeve is able to qualify itself for the semi-finals. Nicolas Berthé of the Radical Surfing Club also reaches the semi-finals.?

The level of this competition longboard does nothing but progressively go up quickly with each heat, the riders are justified more and more, seeing the title taking shape step by step. And that pays off for the four Basque surfers which are found finally. Namely the two brothers angloyes Timothée Creignou and Jonathan Larcher, who will face the club close to them the talented Bascs and its two surfers, Thibaut Dussarat and Antoine Delperro.?

Indeed the organizers had had the fine nose as for the quality of these open mens heats. The last participants offered to us a final of Championships of exceptional France longboarding!

Four riders of choice small but perfect waves for the longboard, a very pretty sun and an electric environment. All the conditions were met for this large spectacle.

As of the arrival in water the two brothers directly took possession of the spot!

Jon Larcher amazed everyone with two extraordinary waves, which allowed him to score an almost perfect 19.5 out of a possible 20 points! Timothée Creignou as for him is also left there very well since he finishes the final with two noted waves for a total of 16.5. Then follow behind Thibaut Dussarat and Antoine Delperro.

A final of longboard of a level never yet seen at the time of the preceding Championships of France, who will remain engraved a long time in the anal ones! Cheers Jonathan!

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