Shop | 13 febbraio 2006

Thickers Than Water

Special Edition DVD+CD Soundtrack

Thicker Than Water è il capolavoro di Moonshine Conspiracy, parte della trilogia con Shelter e September Sessions. In questa edizione speciale insieme al CD della colonna sonora, una delle migliori mai ascoltate. Thicker Than Water è una collezione di immagini e di memorie che cominciano dalla prima volta che riusciamo a metterci in piedi sulla tavola, un viaggio di 18 mesi attraverso il nord Atlantico, il sud Pacifico e la baia del Bengala.
” There was a moment last year that sums up Thicker Than Water. We were on the northwest coast of Ireland hiding from sixty miles per hour wind behind an old stone wall. Noah Johnson had decided to windsurf across a flooded cow pasture using a towel as a sail and we were determined to capture a shot of him. As we fumbled with lenses and a new can of film a massive gust swirled over head then descended upon the freezing water pushing Noah forward. Everyone cheered and Chris yelled something to me but his words didn’t penetrate the wind. I’m not sure but I think he said, ‘Now we’re making a surf film!’ ” -Jack Johnson 
Music (nel CD): Jack Johnson, G.Love, The Meters, Finley Quaye e altri.
Format: DVD – Running Time: 44 min. + Bonus 



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