News | 18 dicembre 2009

On the road: sardinia – Il Tour Gotcha in Sardegna di qualche settimana si è guadagnato uno spazio sul prestigioso sito di surf con le foto di Alessandro Dini.

“After an overnight ferry, we arrived in Sardinia to find a promising northwest swell on the horizon headed our way. Glenn “Micro” Hall, Richard “Dog” Marsh and the first Italian surfer and Italian legend Alessandro Dini brought me alongside for some fun Mediterranean living.

The week was full of fun, overhead surf. None of us expected so much swell in such a small body of water. Richard even brought along a jet ski to do some tow-ats and step-offs and we ended up using it to tow-in for a session…”

Per leggere il resto dell’articolo e le foto clicca qui!


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